your wedding is already special, imagine how cool it would be

with a touch of poetry and rock ‘n roll

THERE’S A RHAPSODY for everyone

Whether you’re completely lost-in-planning or live far away from the Canary Islands and need a local ally; whether you want us to create a breathtaking decor, to coordinate the big day entirely so that you can relax and enjoy, or if you just need some professional tips on how to get the cherry-on-top your big day, there’s a formula for you.

And if there isn’t, we can create one.

Every formula includes a story-design — a tailor-made design based on your love story, to highlight what unites you, defines you and makes you vibrate as a couple.

The idea is to get to know you in depth in order to transform and convey that blend of stories, anecdotes and emotions you two share, into what will probably be the most epic party of your lives.

In other words, bespoked and boundless — you decide the limits.

YOUR ONLY JOB  is to have the time of your life


Eternal Rhapsody


You just got engaged and suddenly, shit got real. Breath.

If you want to make it to the altar overwhelmed with love and joy rather than just overwhelmed, this is the perfect formula for you.

We’ll help you plan and design your wedding down to every last gorgeous detail — carefully select and recommend the best vendors for you, handle the budget so every cent is savvily invested, create and curate a custom-made design so your wedding looks amazing and feels totally you, constantly provide you with support and coordinate the entire vendor team so everything flows without a scent of a glitch.

In order words, you just have to pick and choose what you like the most and have a blast from day one — like a rock star.

Bubbly feelings, trendy design, untarnished memories and lots of funk guaranteed.


Divine Poem


You've been putting your every ounce of energy and enthusiasm into dreaming of your perfect wedding for a while, and now it’s time to transform your Pinterest board into something awesome.

We bet there’s a world of trendy styles, color palettes, tablescapes, flowers, lights, furniture, stationery and cool-looking small details in there — and you like them all.

If you want your wedding to be mind-blowing, but need a hand to make it all come together in style and execute it with a cohesive vision… This is pretty much our jam! We’ll get creative and put all of our styling, interior and graphic design, storytelling and production know-how at full-speed to create a breathtaking and trendy decor that feels uniquely you, in which every detail becomes meaningful and lets your love shine through.

More than beautiful, it will be a poem.


Zen ‘n roll


After months of busting every cell in your body to plan your inch-perfect wedding, the big day is finally around the corner

We know you don’t want to spend that day stressing about whether the florals are where you want them to be, about all the vendors arriving on time, if the band will start playing the right song at the right moment, worrying about the small yet important details or running around solving problems with curlers in your hair. You want to enjoy that once-in-a-lifetime moment to the fullest — and you deserve to do so, so it’s time to delegate all things pesky.

We’ll take over the final touches, elaborate a rock-solid W-Day schedule plan, coordinate and supervise all the details, and support and assist you and your loved ones throughout the whole event.

If fortune throws you a curveball, we’ll be there to catch it.




Care to jump on a plane and into the most memorable voyage of your life?

Whether you are dreaming of a gorgeous destination wedding with your loved ones in the Canary Islands or of a whimsical, intimate and exciting elopement just for two, we can help you plan and design the entire journey so it doesn’t become an odyssey. Basically, it’s the full planning & design formula with a plot twist — we’ll help you navigate the paperwork and visa requirements when needed, and manage all the travel arrangements, bookings and on-site hustle and dazzle, too. Imagine granny being pampered since she gets out from the plane or going hiking or scuba diving with your bridal party before tying the knot. Or getting hitched during a fairy-tale elopement in a dreamlike setting, without sacrificing all the romance, fun and style that your wedding day deserves. Whatever feels right for you, we’ll bend over backwards to make it feel extraordinary.

Because even the most intrepid superheroes have funny-looking sidekicks.

Recurso 4@4x-8

There is always some madness in love. But there is also always some reason in madness.”

Friedrich Nietzsche


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