I’m Carol — wedding planner, designer and storyteller, and the creative force behind Rapsodia Mon Amour.

One day I realized that nothing makes me happier than helping modern couples plan what will be the most memorable celebration of their lives and love — and I got pumped up. Pumped I stayed, and pumped is how I want you to be, too.

Because you don’t need to settle for ‘what you’re supposed to do’ or choose between having a charming and romantic wedding with tons of stylish details or the coolest and trendiest blowout-on-a-bash that will make all your guests feel inside a movie.

You can have it all and then some more — and I can help you get it.

Mon amour,
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rhapsodic ally

About me...

You guessed it — I’m a rhapsodic hybrid, too.

I’m both French and Argentinian —and so is my weird accent in English— and I’m in love with Gran Canaria, one of the outstandingly beautiful Canary Islands I now call home.

Passionate, creative, determined and obsessive about detail and colour palettes, one could say I’m a tireless derrière.

I love to travel, explore and push the boundaries, and I am addicted to transcendental love stories, photography and endless drinks with friends who laugh about everything and anything without really knowing why. I crave authentic relationships and people, who live their lives to the fullest. And that’s how I work, pouring my heart and soul in everything I do.

This led me to live a decade of my life in Paris, where I majored in Communication and Journalism.

After working for several years as a writer and producer, I found my true calling in the backstage of events — there is nothing I enjoy more than telling a good story through design, sensory experiences and making sure everything has a perfect flow.

After training with some of the best Spanish wedding planners & designers, Rapsodia Mon Amour finally saw the break of day.

So we can imprint life, magic and a whole lotta funk to the most epic party of your lives — one you can enjoy as if you were rock stars.

For me and my team, you will be.

Here’s to crafting unique (uni)verses

mon amour ...

#Philosophy Rapsodia



f. A portion of an epic poem adapted for recitation. A miscellaneous collection. Rapture, ecstasy.

For me, a wedding is much more than a simple rite or party — it is a rhapsody. It’s about different pieces of a puzzle coming together as one to create something brand new and utterly unique.

Two people in love, two lives intertwined by a shared connection, crafting together a never-ending mesh. A set of styles, textures, colours, flavours and melodies that, when combined with flair and audacity, can fashion a mighty groovy event — with that je ne sais quoi that leaves no one indifferent.

That’s precisely what a rhapsodic wedding is;  a fusion of poetry and rock ‘n roll, of whimsical storytelling and trend-setting design, of romance and bash-until-they-kick-us-out. An epic poem in which you are the protagonists.

#CODE Rapsodia

It’s all about you.

To help you plan, design and coordinate the once-in-a-lifetime party your unique love deserves — one you can truly identify yourself with. There are no rules to follow other than your own; whether you want an intimate wedding, an elopement or a massive blowout, I will be there every step of the way to make sure you get what you dreamt of — or even better. Do expect me to be as excited as you.

Good vibes only.

You should have a blast with your wedding planning — not stress-out in agony until the big day. Whether online or face-to-face, we’ll make the whole process feel like the big day — a.k.a., the fun part starts right now. I’m not one for uptightness, so expect some laughs, some drinks and some funky playful brainstorming. I truly believe that anything can be better when done with a smile — and there’s no need for you to worry, after all, I’ll be there to keep everything in check. Rapsodia in, worries out.

Authenticity, always.

Zero bull; what you see is what you get. No funny businesses at the very last second, no small print that could rain on your parade. I value trust and honesty above all — with my family and friends, with my colleagues and fellow vendors, and especially with couples. Every advice I give you will be exclusively oriented to making your wedding day a best-day-ever you’ll never forget — for all the right reasons. No more, no less.

Creativity* is key.

It’s what will make your big day be top-notch and represent you as a couple from start to finish. I will squeeze every neuron I find dancing in my head to come up with a tailor-made and pinterest-viral-worthy design, based on you as a couple — so that you, your families and your friends get to experience the uniqueness of your love story in every turn of the eye, in every word spoken, in every bite, in every song — let’s be honest, we want them talking about your wedding until the end of times. Promise, nothing is off limits! But if you want a trampoline, bounce before drinking, for the love of Zeus.

* Also applicable to fixing the most outlandish hic-ups on-the-spot. If it rains lemons, I will always have tequila and salt.

Quality matters.

I don’t pretend to be perfect, and I won’t promise the impossible, but I do shoot for the stars every single time. Part of that, for me, means using only high-quality and sustainable materials and buying, whenever possible, from local and sustainable businesses. I work with suppliers and vendors who share and embody this philosophy in everything they do — from personalized attention to the choice of quality raw materials, social responsibility and flexibility. I didn’t cross an ocean to do things halfway.

The more, the merrier.

Playing alone is no fun. By my side in every wedding there is a highly motivated team of professionals, helping me take care of every tiny miny detail so everything flows like a smooth river and you have the most perfect of days — the Rapsodia team. During the event, we all blend together with the rest of the vendors, working side-by-side like one big family, to ensure that your wedding is a number one hit.

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